Compiled Advice from Life Coach Cat Xyzzy

A while ago my sagely cat Xyzzy gave many pieces of advice to wisdom-seekers on Twitter. She personally read through their Twitter feeds and then tailored her advice accordingly. That advice is preserved here for posterity.

1. The best place to nap is bumpy and crinkly. Life is more interesting with contour and noise.

2. Choose a life goal and don't stop until you achieve it. My life goal is to go outside.

3. Play is, perhaps, the soul of life. It connects us and brings us joy.

4. Food in the bowl is good but food on the ground is even better because you earned it.

5. Love the ones who love you. In return they will keep you warm and give you food.

6. The world is filled with caves that will disappear soon, so try a new cave as soon as you see it.

7. Try to use things in unexpected ways. Paper towel can be used to make a mess instead of clean one.

8. The world is full of mirrors and you are a mirror too. Reflect people's best selves back at them.

9. Surround yourself with weird things that you like. It will help you stay inspired.

10. You cannot control the way your tail wags, so do not try. Accept that it will wag and do not be ashamed.

11. When you clean yourself remember that you are beautiful. Have a warm heart as you lick.

12. Your enemies can become your friends, you just have to love them even when they hiss at you.

13. Wet food is the best, but sometimes it's okay to settle for dry. It makes the wet food that much sweeter.

14. When you nap, nap. When you play, play. When you eat, eat. Happiness is inside the present moment.

15. Never be afraid to chew a knot; your teeth are strong and so are you.

16. Be proud when you catch a mouse. Remember to share mouse with friends.

17. Sleep more; dream more.

18. High places were made for you to jump to them. You can climb anything if you believe and practice jumping.

19. Sometimes all you need is a change in perspective. Try upside down like this.

20. Do not forget the simple joys in life. Knock things off of tables just to hear them roll around.

21. When you look back, have no regret, even if you didn't catch the feather. It's the chase that matters.

22. Listen carefully for the door opening. Always be ready to live your dream (my dream is to go outside).

23. When you get a chance to explore a new place, take it. You might not get another.

24. Don't be afraid to communicate love. It makes them happy and makes you happy. That's why I purr.

25. Sometimes we bite the ones we love, but we must be gentle. Then they will know that they are strong.

25 bite.jpg

26. Be proud of what you've made. Extend the love to yourself that you do to others. Nap with a full heart.

27. Look out a window and see a beautiful world. Nap knowing that this is your world and you are its.

28. Smell new things, then meow at them, then probably purr at them because most new things are great.

29. Life is what happens when you're taking naps, but that's okay because naps are great.

30. Give wounds time to heal. Ask for help if you need it. This was my shirt for not eating my stitches.

31. Destruction is my favorite act of creation. Life is lovely and ephemeral; the best art shows us this.

32. The sunshine is a nice place to make art or take naps.

33. Rub head against leg is the surest way to secure food and pets.

34. Make sure to practice catching, in case of bug. When you get a bug you will know that it was worth it.

35. Know that you make the lives of your friends and family better, and that you are loved.

36. Love is an endless minefield for buckaroos who kiss, unless they kiss themselves.

37. Explore everything around you. Know it by smell. Then you can nap the happiest.

38. The wilderness can be scary but do not be scared. Look with big eyes and celebrate with nap.

39. Smell the ground and be happy because it is yours. When friends come to your ground welcome with meow.

40. Your best friends will scratch behind your ears where it's hard to reach, you only have to ask (by purr).

41. If you name a scary thing it is less scary. You can wrap your paws around it. Neighbor dog is named meow.

42. If you can nap anywhere you carry your rest with you, into the sun or the shade.

43. Keep chasing the mouse. Even if you don't catch it you'll have fun while you chase.

44. Never stop exploring; there is always more to find.

45. When you are feeling down it is good to be with friends. Pretend purr until it is real purr.

46. Hold on to the things that are dear to you, but not so tight that you lose your claws.

47. Keep your friends company when they're going through hard times. Try sleeping behind laptop like this.

48. Do not forget to scratch. To feel the pull on your claws is to feel alive.

49. See yourself through your friends' eyes and know that you are beautiful.